Today begins the second trip to Managua, Nicaragua with Northway Christian Community in less than a year. We are going to work with our friends and partners Dan and Jessenia Bain. If you didnt follow along last year, you can catch up with what happend last year HERE and follow the group blog that Pastor Doug Melder will be maintaining here.

I am seriously looking forward to this trip, and will be working later on with Dan and Doug to create a blog for Dans work in Nicaragua. This is a chance to relax and prepare before I head to Cameroon for seven weeks with the Cameroon Football Development Program. We will be using soccer as a platform to leverage HIV/AIDS education to students at more than 10 schools around the country.

As is always my style, or so it seems, I had to take a quick trip to Washington, D.C. yesterday to get my passport from the Cameroonian Embassy because I wasn’t going to receive it through the mail in time to make my flight at 830 this morning.

Im trying something different this year. I am trying to simplify my life. So one test of that, is I will be living out of a cary-on, and the only other thing that I brought is my camera gear and computer. The idea is that I can actually live as simply as I long to… Proof below:

Both images (C) Dan Speicher 2011 captured and edited on iPhone4



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