Just last week I finished editing this video for a local custom cabinet and furniture maker in the area. When he first met with my partners over at SmarSite Strategies, Rich Gardner of Gardner Woodworking claimed that he would back up his brand with the “Perfect Process” which includes planning, building, andĀ installation. It is a risky claim, but one he stands by. I am excited for this short piece that we produced for him. This was a one man show, as far as shooting, interviewing, and editing, but I cant say thank you enough to Rich, and Ray for helping me to reach all of our goals with this. As Rich says at the end of his video “Every time we do a project, its a little bit better than the last”, I couldnt agree more…


I’ve been venturing more and more into video over the past year. Every day I step out to shoot, I learn something new. Last week I worked with the SmartSite Strategies Team to film an invitation video for the Taste the Good Life event at DiSalvo’s Station in Latrobe, PA.

If you want to come out and enjoy a night of cigars, fine spirits, and extravagant food, all benefitting theĀ Children’s Institute, then visit the link above to order tickets.

Im working on this whole editing thing, but it seems like every hour I spend in Premiere Pro, gets me a little more comfortable. Still need to pick up Plural Eyes for syncing, because it is a whole lot easier than syncing by hand with the SLR’s but we do what we can.

A short edit from my documentary about natural gas.

What are your thoughts?


AS many of you know im working on a film about the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Play here in PA, NY, WV, and OH. I was out on a frac recently learning more about the process, and had a chance to capture some images with my iPhone. This process, while highly controversial, is an important element in our nations energy security, along with reducing our use of carbon laden coal and oil.

Because it is winter, and it is so wet, it was very muddy. But otherwise, it was a pretty clean process. The water was taken away to be treated, and when the site is fully reclaimed, you will have a small gravel road, and a well head. To learn more about natural gas, and my film, visit Marcellus InSpotlight. The Post Gazette

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I just finished up my most recent video project for the SmartSite Team These guys dont just work with you to build a website, they create a marketing blueprint, so that every piece of your website works together to reach your target audience. If you are looking for a marketing strategy, or a full service marketing team, give them a call and begin to design smart.

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