I’ve been going to Pelee Island since before I was born. Litterally. I was carried there while mom was pregnant. I grew up there, was married there, and minus two summers in my early 20’s I have spent at least a week there every summer of my life.

Its my place for relaxation. Its a place with nearly no cell coverage, little entertainment, aside from what you can come up with on your own, and for me, paradise.

This year, because of our trip to India back in January, Kelly only could take two days off work, so we headed up for a long weekend of reading, sunrises, and cigars.


One morning I thought it would be good to rouse everyone for an early morning portrait session. Lets just say I was wrong. Light was changing fast, wind was picking up, and no one had had a full cup of coffee yet. I am certainly happier being a portrait photographer behind the camera, than trying to be in the photos, and adjust lights at the same time.


Along the way I played with my ND filters and long exposures. Landscapes are something I have never focused on, but i love the way the light, sky, and water changes during long exposures.

a family fishes off the North Dock on Pelee Island. For more information on wedding, portriat, or editorial photography in Pittsburgh visit www.danspeicher.net

A family fishes off the North Dock on Pelee Island.

Roused the family far to early for a portrait, you can see how happy we are


Kelly and I loved being in India. The craziness, the noise, the food. It sounds crazy, but that all is part of the experience that made India so incredible for us.

Kelly had the opportunity to learn to cook some excellent recipes from our friend Ammini, and her granddaughter Jennifer. That means that I have gotten to have two incredible Indian Dinners this week, right in our own home.

While we were in India, we didnt have a whole lot of time to travel. Fortunately we did have a few hours to explore some of the sights in Mumbai. I really wish that we had a week to just get used to the city, meet more people, and walk the streets before and during sunrise and sunset.

This is the Gateway of India. What a site.  Next time I will get here when the sun is low and the light is soft.

The Gateway of India by Pittsburgh documentary photographer Dan Speicher

small fishing boats sit anchored in the bay, next charter boats, under the gaze of the Gateway of India. The Gateway looks out over the Arabian Sea

Here is kelly hard at work putting into practice some of the incredible foods she learned how to make while in India. Just last week she made Chole Puri  and this week we made some great Chicken Curry. Needless to say, I am a happy husband.

Rolling out Chapati flat bread in Mumbai by Pittsburgh Photojournalist Dan Speicher

Homemade Indian Chicken Curry by Pittsburgh photographer Dan Speicher

One of the things that I LOVE about traveling, is the chance to meet new people and try great foods.


I love motion. It helps to bring a sense of place. On a train it gives you the movement. On the ground it can be a way to show the business of life on the streets.

In this seriesI look at moments throughout the trip where as busy  as things are, i find some solitude

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All these photos were shot with the Nikon D600. The two at night were shot at 6400 ISO. This is a great second camera for me. 24megapixels and full frame make it a great camera, but it doesnt have the autofocus that I am used to, so for now, the D3 is still my go to. For anyone looking to get into a full frame camera on a budget, or looking for video, this is a great camera.



Here is the second post in our series about India. Today we will look at the first part of our trip to Kerala to spend time with the Pothens at their bible college and childrens homes.

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Back home after 2 incredible weeks in India with my wife Kelly. We were working with Dr. John and Ammini Abraham at their medical Clinic in the slums of Mumbai. It’s hard to believe, but they have been serving the poor for over 35 years, and their love for people shines through.

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It’s hard to imagine, but this entire family lives in the slum in Ghatkupar. 8 family members share an 10×10 room. Im sitting on the bed shooting at 20mm to capture as much as I can of the room.