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So in December I took a trip to Uganda, knda last minute, to document Be The Change and their students in Uganda. This December, we are heading back to Uganda, for 3 weeks to visit with the students, re enrol them in school, and I am going to continue to document the organization and the students. I am also working on putting a book together that They can use as a fundraiser and hopefully be able to sponsor more students than they are currently helping.

Please take a look at the group. It is a new group, and only about 2 years old. Currently we are sponsoring 11 students, and slideshows and a video will be online pretty soon. The slideshow is just a little ways off, and the video is being edited.

If you are interested in helping to sponsor a student, or helping me to get over there, please donate to

Origins NYC
c/o Be The Change
31-49 38th St #1R

I am hoping ot go over earlier than the group and work on a story outside of Nairobi Kenya before the team gets into the country, and possibly stay for a little while longer after the group has left.

We are in the process of getting photos together for the Be The Change Website so I am actually getting more of them edited the way that I should be…Here are some more photos from the trip to Uganda.

I am sorry that I have been so busy over the past few weeks. Because of that I have not been getting photos edited as fast as I would like so that i can post them here for you to see.

School is going very well. This week we launched a new campus wide closed circuit tv station and I have been asked to put the work from this trip on there as a student showcase. Point Park is also working on putting graduation students projects online for perspective students to see what we go on to do. I have also been asked to showcase in this show.

I am very excited about this opportunity. On a different note. After searching for someone that could edit all of the video that we shot, I have finally found a contact and hope to meet with him this week. I am not sure what he is expecting but I hope that he will do it on a volunteer basis and use it for his portfolio. He is rumored to be one of the best editors at Point Park.

Please pray that this project pulls together.

Till the next time…

By the way, I would like to thank Zeke Duran for shooting some photos of me working.

LIfe has been a bit hectic since arriving home from Africa. School started a week earlier than I thought it did, so that put a damper on the jet lag recovery. Then i forgot that I had not signed up for the one last class that I need in order to graduate. I am really not looking forward to this sememster, but Hey! It is the last one that I will take as an undergrad.

God has blessed me so much this year aready. Between school starting well, an amazing trip to Uganda and Kenya, and a few more weddings in the works to be booked, I am happy to say that this year will be busier than the last few years have been.

Anyways, I just wanted to post a few more photos from the trip. Some of these may make you laugh. They sure make me.

The last day before we left, we had a feast to thank people in the village, and to say good bye. Some refugees from the Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda, performed drumming, dancing, and singing. Some of our team members did as well, and we served a meal to nearly 50 people.