Wedding photography in Pittsburgh, is always a little bit risky. Especially in March and April. One day you can have rain, the next day sun. The following day snow. Its a beautiful time of year for weddings, but it does carry a bit of risk.

I was sitting at home editing. I was pushing hard because I had to meet up with David Burke to drop off a light stand that I had borrowed. Right as I was preparing to leave, the phone rings and he asks if I want to shoot with him. It just so happens that we had just been talking about shooting as much as possible, while staying focused on a story. This is harder than it sounds. Your wedding day is a fantastic story. Its about families coming together, often meeting for the first time, its about friends becoming husband and wife, dancing, and commitment. With that in mind, how could I say no?

Often times, wedding photography is lots of beautiful portraits, photos of details, and a few moments filled in with snapshots. When you focus on telling a story, you have to find ways of showing the moments, capturing the laughter and tears, while still including the guests. Its harder than it sounds. As a storyteller, I have to be better than snap shots. At the end of the day, a wedding should be able to be told through 50-100 images, and nothing should be left out.

Each day I shoot, its pushing closer to that. Editing becomes harder, as I hold myself to higher standards, and as a documentary wedding photographer, I have to work as hard as possible, because at the end of the day, the portraits are nice, but the story is your true legacy.

Congratulations David and Stacey.

David, thanks for having me along brother.

Ceremony at St Patricks Church in Cannonsburg
Reception: Bella Sera
Video: Keith Parish: Diamond Weddings


Custom Pittsburgh Wedding Cake
Bella Sera Wedding-Pittsburgh Wedding Photography by Dan Speicher

Multiple bouquet toss-Bella Sera Reception-Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

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As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I love shooting in new locations. I like it even more when the location is special to the bride or groom.

Ben and Cecilia were married inside the beautiful Chapel at Antiochian Village in the Laurel Highland town of Ligonier.

Beautiful blue skies covered the mountains, and the beautiful gold leaves made for a beautiful backdrop during the portraits.

Antiochian Village Wedding-Ligonier Wedding Photographer Antiochian Village Wedding-Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Antiochian Village Wedding-Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Antiochian Village Wedding-Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Antiochian Village Wedding-Ligonier Wedding Photographer Antiochian Village Wedding-Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

My lovely wife Kelly also joined us that day to film the ceremony for family that could not make the trip into town. Enjoy


Ben and Cecilia’s Antiochian Village Wedding: Ligonier Pa from Dan Speicher on Vimeo.

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Last year I had the pleasure to photograph Jahmar and Mindy’s beautiful wedding as a second photog for David Burke. The day was a blast, and we got some amazing photos, but one of the things that I loved, was setting up a photo booth at the reception, and being able to have everyone coming through for portraits.

This is a great way to get group portraits of friends and family, while still keeping your traditional portrait session to a manageable time, and letting guests come when they are ready. Props can be used, or not, depending on your preference, and all that is needed is a 12ftx12 space near a wall and outlet. This photo booth style is awesome because you have a photographer actually manning it, and it doesnt take much time to set up.

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He took the microphone, picked up his glass, and quietly uttered, “This is the happiest day of my life!” before he handed the mic back to the band.

Phil and Barb were so excited to be married, and having found that joy, they could do little more than laugh and smile at each other.

I met up with Phil, his brother, and parents at Phils house, got to know them a bit before heading outside to grab some quick portraits.The ceremony was at Northway Christian Community Worship Cafe in Wexford, so I headed over to meet up with Barb and the girls. After a beautiful ceremony and the family portraits, we headed to the West End Overlook, and then to the reception at The LeMont on Mount Washington.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your day.

Enjoy the story.


That is a pretty bold statement for a wedding photographer to make! But this is totally the truth. I am getting married on June 23, 2012 to my best friend Kelly.

We are planning the wedding now, and I am finally understanding all the work that goes into preparation, coordinating families, and since we are having a small destination wedding, scheduling flights, boats, etc.


Here is Kelly. My best friend, my wife to be. We are getting married on June 23, this summer on my favorite vacation spot, Pelee Island. My moms family has been going to Pelee Island since the 50’s, but we are the first family wedding to take place there.

This is Kelly. Beautiful isnt she. I was testing out my camera after it came back from a repair job.