Jamie and Ryan were married over Memorial Day Weekend, and what a beautiful weekend it was.

Between the wonderful yet hot weather, and a beautiful ceremony, and fun reception, the day was great.

Enjoy the story of their day.

Jamie and the girls before the ceremony

The ceremony was full of Joy

I love this image of the kids coming down the isle. The looks on their faces, and those of the guests just makes me smile.

After the ceremony we headed to a small park for some portraits of the groups. It was SO HOT outside, so later as the night cooled down, I took Jamie and Ryan out for a few more portraits.

Jamie looks beautiful here!

One of the groomsmen was a chiropractor, so before the wedding party walked into the reception he offered a quick adjustment to who ever would like one.

Jamie and Ryan had a great first dance, but the best one had to be at the end of the night when they danced to some hip hop together.

By this time the weather was so much cooler (85 vs 95) or so we imagined

After our quick (less than 5 minutes) portrait session, i was grabbing my gear and saw Jamie and Ryan both wiping tears from their eyes, its that love and emotion that makes me love shooting weddings.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, Keep an eye out for more upcoming weddings.

Jamie, Ryan, thanks for having me as a part of your day.

I wish you both the best together.


So it has been like two weeks since I really blogged consistently. I know that there is no real excuse for that, I apologize. However, this week is going to maybe only hold a few posts, primarily since I am moving, and won’t have internet immediately. I do hope to have it up and running by the end of next week though.

Anyways, I havent blogged since St Patrick’s Day, and WOW what a great day. I started cooking breakfast for my friend Sarah, two of her friends and myself, and then we headed down to Station Square for a long day of partying. When I say long, I mean Long. Like I drank more beers in more hours than I slept in the past two nights Long! Yeah 14 hours of hanging out with friends, dancing, singing and celebrating St Patrick’s day two days early. I figured since I was staying in on monday that I needed to make up for the lack of not listening to my favorite local Irish Band “Red Hand Paddy” by “utilizing the bottle” as they say in “The Sun Also Rises”.

Then I had concerts last week, as well as some other shoots that I was working on. So here are some of the photos from the concerts.

Cobra Starship:

Lez Zeppelin 

Oh, as I mentioned a little while back, about the video that I was shooting, I came across a few photos from those two days, and I could KILL Eric for posting them on the Boogie Board, but hey what can I say, I was sick that whole weekend, and I was dressed for comfort, not style.

Anyways, thanks Eric for grabbing some photos of me at work. Even if they are showing me to be a zombie when it comes to style.  

For those of you concerned, I have cut my hair (Sorry Ashley!) The good news is that I now look presentable again, and the long hair will have to wait till next winter to reappear.

I hope that Everyone had a great Easter with family or friends. For me, Easter is a time to remember that I have been washed of my sins, because “We have and advocator to the Father” 1 John 2:1. But it is also a time to spend with my sisters and my parents. I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with them, and seeing as I was sick from Friday night on, and am still sick, I want to say thank you mom. I love you so much, and I still cant believe that you take care of me when I am not feeling well.¬†
Girls, it was great to take a trip down to Va. to pick you up, and even though you slept the whole ride home, I still love you, and it was nice to hang out for a bit.

It’s been a few days since I last posted photos, but HERE are a few from New Years Eve at Diesel. The site that the photos are on, is a new project that I am doing for Diesel, that is going to showcase photos from each week, and let people see what is happening. Over the next few weeks, I will also be posting a look back at 2007 from June, when I started shooting there, till New Years Eve. So keep an eye out over there for some great new photos from the club.

Here is a wedding slideshow with some of my favorites from 2007, I will be going through my weddings and engagements soon, and be making a post with my favorites for the year.


So I just got checked into my hotel for the Alive Festival and it is going to look like Woodstock out there tomorrow. I’m not sure if it is supposed to keep raining tomorrow and through the rest of the week, but right now it is pouring down rain and doesnt look like it is going to let up…


I am so stoked to be heading out to Ohio for the Alive festival. I really dont know much about it, except that there are going to be some great Christian bands playing there and i am hoping to meet up with David Jay, and some other photographers while I am out there.

I am really looking forward to this time to relax for a few days, and then it is home to see my sister off to Ghana for two months. I am so jealous of her. But this is her time to shine, and my time to figure out my next move. Trips have a tendancy of popping up, and maybe one will over the course of the summer.

Until then I am looking forward to Alive and maybe a couple of days at our house on Peele Island on the beach. Who knows what will happen, but it is summer and anything can still take place.