A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in the Annual Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Show at Heinz Field. This was my second year working with the Steelers for this great event which helped to benefit the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute. As I begin to make the transition into working more and more with non-profits and NGO’s I am excited to be able to work with our local group of amazing projects here in Pittsburgh.

Reebok and American Eagle were the official outfitters for the fashion show, and everyone looked great on the runway. It was also great to  have Julie from Pittsburgh Makeup on hand helping to get the girls ready for the show.

The three dresses were designed and made by Mrs. Tomlin, specifically with Heinz Field weddings in mind. They drew lots of cheers from the single ladies spread around the room.


I cant wait for winter to come! My goggles, ski pants, boots, and snowboard, are all ready for the white stuff to come. Im so excited to get out on the slopes and start shooting some winter lifestyle, be it families playing and having fun, or kids throwing cork 9’s off of a big table top, its a new beginning, a chance to shoot what I love; a chance to take a nap, and wake up fully refreshed, with new ideas, and start rocking a new year of weddings.

I’ll also be shooting a little bit of fashion, and glamor, just to mix it up a bit. It helps me to come up with new ideas for brides and grooms, and try and keep it fresh, and fun.

I love this photo from back in September. I was out shooting a wedding downtown, and as we were walking back to the limo, I saw this guy walking up the street and I turned and grabbed this photo. I took three images, and this was my favorite.

Dont be afraid to take time to shoot for you. I was talking to a group of photographers recently, and they, like me were burned out. Because they were burned out they were unhappy, and very stressed out. Sometimes its better to just take a day to yourself, go out and shoot something that you want. If you aren’t a photographer, go do something that you love, just for you. After a day of R & R, you will come back more refreshed than you ever could have imagined a single day could do.



Nikkie contacted me a while back about shooting some lifestyle photos! So after going back and forth for a while, we finally nailed down a date and went out for some fun.

Nikkie is vivacious, funny, and a great person. It also turns out that she is the event coordinator for Heinz Field and does all the club level events during the Steelers games, and from everything that I’ve heard and seen, does an awesome job.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

I love her laughter!


I think this B&W is super sexy! Its that modern look of the glasses with the classic feel of the scarf.


Simple beauty.



I love this green dress against the green door.


And against the rusty steps.

I love the fashion feel of these next two!


This reminds me of a Barbie in some weird kinda way

I love this photo. Its definitely one of my favorites from the day.
“They call her bubbles!” (Thanks Nikki, I totally watched Zach and Miri when I got home)



Thursday started off nice and mellow. Till I got a call to come up to my buddies studio to help shoot a large group of models for a new salon that is opening up. As soon as the website is up and running I’ll post that on here.

So generally I hate to shoot in the studio. I prefer to be outside, getting fresh air and not having the noise and craziness that is makeup, hair, and wardrobe, swarming around and swallowing me up. So that’s just what I did.

I let the other photographers stay inside and shoot the required shots, and I grabbed a light and went outside.

Behind the studio is a little walled courtyard and thats where I had my fun.


dds_3573-1blog dds_3677-1blog dds_3646-1blog

For those interested, these next two shots are at 3200 iso using available light from a motion detector spot light in the back of the studio. This is just one of the reasons that I LOVE the Nikon D700!



Friday I was back in the studio to shoot some promotional photos for Mcfaddens Restaurant and Saloon. This time we shot inside the studio, but being that it was a smaller group, that was ok. We had a blast, and I got to shoot the fun photos that I try to create whenever and wherever possible. After I shot the photos that they needed for their soon to be newest photo, I started to get the girls to jump and dance and hula hoop. Yep thats right, two of my faorites from the day are of Ariel playing with a hula hoop.

Sarah just loves to do her thing! Seriously, I love this girl but she is crazy!


I just love these next two, I think they are fun, and I think they show you a part of who she really is. That is my main goal in photography. I always strive to bring out who people really are, so that they have a part of their legacy and history saved as a single moment.



Anyways, Thats only two days, but I have pleanty more to come soon.

On a side note, I getto go see my sisters this weekend with my mom and dad, down in D.C. I havent seen them forever, and am really looking to spending a nice dinner with the whole family.

If things get crazy I may not be able to blog till next monday, if thats the case, have a great Easter. If if not, well, you’ll see some more new work from Sundays lifestyle session down at Washington and Jefferson College.

By the way, for the photographers out there, I stumbled upon this awesome video from the Free to Succeed Tour with David Jay, and Jasmine Star.

Here Jasmine talks about the importance of a brand from the beginning of the start of your bunsiness.

Check out the video HERE

Its totally worth watching. Thanks Terry Clark for posting this link.


Saturday I woke up to cloudy skies thinking that it was going to rain. Instead, we had a perfect day for a wedding. It was warm, but not to hot, blue skies with clouds, and great company.

Linsey and Jim were such an awesome couple! They had a great wedding party, and the bridesmaids were continually trying to get me to “Shake My Booty” (thanks sarah for popping into my head!) but seriously, these folks danced.

Linsey and Jim were so photogenic and easy to work with, and I hope that you like this small preview of what is to come.

After the reception they asked me to join them for drinks and dancing at a local bar. It was 80’s night and we danced until the band stopped playing.

I am so blessed in my job to make new friends at the weddings that I shoot.

Enjoy the photos!