Cory and Daniela had a wonderful wedding on a beautiful September day in Pittsburgh. They are such a cool couple, and they pulled off a great wedding just weeks after Cory opened the new Dante Salon in Shadyside! Congratulations on your wedding and your opening! Check out Dante Salon if you need a cut or color. Alisa Garin was along for the day to help me out. Check out her work.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the day.


Yep, today we are heading to the beach for 24 hours to debrief with group one, and relax so that we can finish out the trip energized.

Yesterday was a little bit different for us. Instead of going to La Chureca, we brought more than 60 kids from La Chureca to us, to spend some time playing soccer and doing crafts at a beautiful sports complex up in the Mountains. I’ll edit and post photos from that later, but last night when we got home I was just to physically exhausted to even try to stay up late. In fact, our whole group was in bed by 9:30 last night. Crazy!

Doug (the group leader), Kara (the translator) and myself will be here for another week working with a second group from Northway Oakland, and I cant wait to see what God has in store for us over the remainder of the trip. So far this has just been a taste, and I am so excited to get more of it. The exhausting days are nothing compared to the work that the people of La Chureca do every day.

I promise to post more pictures soon, most likely tonight, but I need to go get ready for an exploration of old world Nicaragua.


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I met Kay as her wedding date neared. After hearing her story, and the story of how she and Jack met way back in high-school, I had to be a part of their special day. The best part was the fact that Kay really wanted documentary coverage, and to tell the story of life, love, and adventure in their lives.

The reception took place at the beautiful Southpointe Golf Club in Cannonsburg.

This is only a small selection of my favorite photos, but I think that it represents Kay and Jack together, completely.

Kays mom works on getting the dress just right.

Kay and her daughters/bridesmaids before the ceremony.

Kay and the flower girls.

Jack and his brothers/groomsmen and his nephew/ring bear

Kays dad was in the hospital recently, but made it to his daughters wedding. Here he waits halfway down the isle to finish walking Kay to Jack to be given away.

The moment after Kay and Jack met at the alter.

After the wedding we shot some quick portraits before heading into the reception.

Kay, Jack, thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day. It was a pleasure to meet your family, and to get to know both of you. I hope you enjoy the photos, and will let you know as soon as the rest are up on Pictage to proof.


I love Christmas time. Not only because if the real meaning, and celebration, but because I get to spend time with my whole family, and its not just dinner. It’s a chance for us to catch up, and this year, since my parents have the far for sale, a chance to grab fun photos around the farm, and log that part of the legacy in the books.

Family photos like this can be captured anywhere you would like. If there is a place that is important to you and your family, or those special in your life (i.e. friends, girlfriends, boyfriends), give me call.

Call me between now and January 22 to schedule your family portraits and receive a 50% Discount off session prices (normally $150-$300)

Phone: 724-875-5941

So we started with a family photo, and then I got some of my mom and sisters together, and my mom and dad.



The three girls that never come in and out of my life :) and aren’t afraid to torture me when a new one enters.


I love these pictures of my parents! It shows their personalities so well, and it captures nearly two decades of winters on the farm.






Ellie and Krista live in D.C. now, so it was nice to grab a few portraits of them together on the farm.



Krista and dad used to spend mornings rowing on Donegal Lake, but since it was most likely frozen, this was a nice fun tribute.


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As I promised yesterday, here are the photos of Kirsten and Matt from their amazing wedding at Longue Vue Country Club in Pittsburgh just last week.

Here they are, the moments just before the ceremony.


Matt looking peaceful during the ceremony.


The wind played with Kirstens veil during the ceremony and I loved this moment while they were exchanging rings.


Some fun portraits in AMAZING light!

bs_17 bs_18

I love these portraits of the two of them.bs_19

bs_20 bs_21

Seeing as she is an actress; New head shot perhaps?bs_22

bs_23 bs_24

Good luck finding better light! I could shoot in this kinda light all day long (or for the 45 minutes per day that we have it here in Pittsburgh :) )bs_25


During the first dance:bs_27

Towards the end of the night.bs_28

And the last shot of the evening: I love the feel of this exit shot.

bs_29Kirsten and Matt, thank you for the opportunity to photograph your wedding. I had a great time, and I hope that I captured your special day the way that you had envisioned.