Dani and Tom were married back in September, at her families beautiful home in Ligonier, Pa. After a day at the local Polo for the Kids event it was awesome to head over to the house and spend a beautiful Saturday with Dani, Tom, and their family.



Tents, catering, linens, and staff were all provided by Elegant Tents and Catering and according to Dani, “They did everything from bringing chairs, tables bartenders and the food. They can even do the flowers. Thats what is so nice, they can do everything.”

Her flowers were provided by a local farm, and fit the season beautifully.


*EDIT: immediately after posting this I got a comment from Dani: “awe miss that day!! Thanks to you we have some GREAT photos:)”

That is just one of the reasons I love documenting these moments in peoples lives. As you catch a glimpse of your wedding photos as you pass by them on the way out the door, a rush of memories come to mind from your special day. Thats what its all about. “We do not remember days, we remember moments.”~ Cesare Pavese