A quick impromptu portrait session on Pittsburgh’s historic North Side  


Jill and Jamie had a luxurious wedding at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pa back in August. From the time that Jill and I first spoke on the phone, to actually meeting the day of the wedding, I knew that we were going to get along. Boy was I right. Jill has an infectious laugh that had me holding my sides at times, and shooting many frames of a big smile.

Onto the photos;DDS_9458(web)

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Jill, Jamie, thank you for sharing your day with me. I hope you have a wonderful life together, and it was great to meet the pups (one last photo before I head to bed). Enjoy.

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As I promised yesterday, here are the photos of Kirsten and Matt from their amazing wedding at Longue Vue Country Club in Pittsburgh just last week.

Here they are, the moments just before the ceremony.


Matt looking peaceful during the ceremony.


The wind played with Kirstens veil during the ceremony and I loved this moment while they were exchanging rings.


Some fun portraits in AMAZING light!

bs_17 bs_18

I love these portraits of the two of them.bs_19

bs_20 bs_21

Seeing as she is an actress; New head shot perhaps?bs_22

bs_23 bs_24

Good luck finding better light! I could shoot in this kinda light all day long (or for the 45 minutes per day that we have it here in Pittsburgh :) )bs_25


During the first dance:bs_27

Towards the end of the night.bs_28

And the last shot of the evening: I love the feel of this exit shot.

bs_29Kirsten and Matt, thank you for the opportunity to photograph your wedding. I had a great time, and I hope that I captured your special day the way that you had envisioned.


Kirsten and Matt met while in school at Carnegie Mellon studying theater. They both live in NYC but for the past six weeks, they have been apart while still planning their wedding together. Kirsten stayed in New York, while Matt has been performing in Pittsburgh with the Pittsburgh CLO and with her mothers help locally, he was working hard on getting the wedding just right.

Kirsten and Matt lead the busy life of actors. Between rehearsals auditions it made it hard for us to connect. So when Kirsten and I finally had a chance to speak on the phone, it was awesome because her vision for her day aligned perfectly with my vision for my photography, but more on that to come later. For now, here are some of the awesome details from their wedding last Friday at Longue Vue Country Club.

Some details:

bs_11 bs_12 bs_01 bs_02 bs_03 bs_04 bs_05 bs_06

Mr. Jimmy Choo and her beautiful dress


Her Grandmothers horseshoe hair piece.


The flowers were beautiful.bs_07

Grandmothers ring, along with her rings.

bs_08 bs_09

Until later when I can get some awesome photos of the couple up, I hope these details can tide you over. Kirsten, Matt, thanks for such an enjoyable evening. I hope your honeymoon was more amazing than your wedding.

If you really must try and imagine the wedding though, think of the reception as one of Gatsby’s parties.


Stephanie and Patrick were so much fun on their wedding day, and they made me feel like I was a friend when they asked me to come over for their rehersal luau the night before the wedding.

Thanks for the being so cool and welcoming with me, and I pray that you have a blessed life.

And now the moment that you have been waiting for: Your photos!


I love this shot of the pastor talking to them both before the ceremony! Its not often that I have a chance to capture photos like that.

mk_02 mk_03 mk_04

A few portraits:

Stephanie with her daughter and brother. In case you haven’t picked up on a theme yet, there was a ton of laughter this day!

mk_05 mk_06 mk_07 mk_08 mk_09 mk_10

The majority of their family and friends came in from out of town so they wanted to shoot some “Pittsburgh Portraits”. Since it seems like everyone goes to Mount Washington for those photos, and the sun was still high in the sky, we decided to hit up PPG Place. You cant get more Pittsburgh than that!

mk_11 mk_12 mk_13 mk_14 mk_15 mk_16

On to the reception: and cutting the cake: more laughter!

These next few have some off camera flash courtesy of Nikon D700 CLS and an SB-800

mk_17 mk_18

I love trying to find unique angles that tell a story, and this tells the story of the night; guests danced till they couldn’t dance any more.


Heading out for a few more portraits when the light was really soft!

mk_20 mk_21

I love this moment right before the kiss.


The last shot of the night.mk_23