I love my weekends. Whether I am shooting a wedding, portraits, or like this weekend- a bat mitzvah, I love weekends. As a photographer, they are usually my busiest time. Every once in a while though, they start in the evening, and that gives room for time with my family during the day. Saturday started with helping my father in law plant potatoes in his garden, and ended relaxing with a beer and a cigar. In between those two events, I spent time with Kelly and Ava, and photographed my first bat mitzvah with my friend and fellow photographer Dmitriy. As soon as those photos are edited, I will be sure to post some. Needless to say, I had a great time.  Sunday was race day in Pittsburgh. Kelly had to be up very early to work at the Pittsburgh Marathon, and by the time she got back, she was in need of a relaxing afternoon. How perfect, that we just happened to have a standing invite from my parents to join them and my sisters for a low key cookout. After Kelly relaxed a little, we loaded up the car, and Ava (our black lab) and hit the road. An hour and 15 minutes later we were relaxing on the farm, with a cold drink, family, and dogs.

Being that it was Derby weekend and all, mint juleps were ordered up, and to mix things up a bit, my mom, the chef that she is, made violette infused simple syrup for the juleps. Nothing says spring like mint and violettes.

If you make your way to Seven Springs, and havent tried the Pie Shop, it is a must stop. Its not that the baked goods are incredible. Most are not. But they have these great creations called snails  and they are one of Kelly’s favorites. So Monday morning, while she was still asleep, I ran out and brought her a few back.

Here is my weekend in photos rather than words.

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I love winter. I love being a photographer. This time between wedding season ending, and the next season beginning is a relaxing time for me. A time to reflect, plan, and execute the plans for the new year. While I love being based in Pittsburgh, I need time away from the city.

Growing up I spent nearly every day at 7 Springs (the local ski slopes). For a number of years I taught there. But for the years before and after, days were spent enjoying the brisk air, the board beneath my feet, and a few times per year, some fun floaty powder.

The past few years have been a bit more low key, and I am ok with that. My parents still live in the mountains, and my wife and I get a chance to go up there fairly often. This weekend was one of those chances.

We spoke to the church I grew up in, about India. Took a detour on the way back and headed up a snow covered logging road.

Relaxed and read. Played with our dog Willy, and ended with an evening out bowling.

I love these weekends.


As some of you may know, I have recently opened an office up in beautiful Ligonier, Pa. I have done this for a number of reasons, but the most important is that I miss getting into the country, and being able to relax away from the city. I have also recently joined the Ligonier Chamber of Commerce, after seeing their amazing new Visit Ligonier website. So with that in mind, and to thank them for their hard work, as well as say thank you to everyone who has supported this effort, I am announcing new mini sessions, for the summer months. This is for seniors, families, friends, etc. and I look forward to working with you all.

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I grew up in the laurel highlands of Pennsylvania. Summers were spent riding horses, hiking, and generally enjoying the freedom that is the country.

Winters brought snow and skiing, and eventually gave way to spring. I’m in Ligonier today, working on networking with groups up here, and checking out a new AMAZING wedding venue known as Foxly Farms I can’t wait to shoot out here once it officially opens.

Here is a photo from the drive to my house. I love this moody B&W from the drive to my house.

20120404-123343.jpg Tags:

Dani and Tom were married back in September, at her families beautiful home in Ligonier, Pa. After a day at the local Polo for the Kids event it was awesome to head over to the house and spend a beautiful Saturday with Dani, Tom, and their family.



Tents, catering, linens, and staff were all provided by Elegant Tents and Catering and according to Dani, “They did everything from bringing chairs, tables bartenders and the food. They can even do the flowers. Thats what is so nice, they can do everything.”

Her flowers were provided by a local farm, and fit the season beautifully.


*EDIT: immediately after posting this I got a comment from Dani: “awe miss that day!! Thanks to you we have some GREAT photos:)”

That is just one of the reasons I love documenting these moments in peoples lives. As you catch a glimpse of your wedding photos as you pass by them on the way out the door, a rush of memories come to mind from your special day. Thats what its all about. “We do not remember days, we remember moments.”~ Cesare Pavese