I’ve been going to Pelee Island since before I was born. Litterally. I was carried there while mom was pregnant. I grew up there, was married there, and minus two summers in my early 20’s I have spent at least a week there every summer of my life.

Its my place for relaxation. Its a place with nearly no cell coverage, little entertainment, aside from what you can come up with on your own, and for me, paradise.

This year, because of our trip to India back in January, Kelly only could take two days off work, so we headed up for a long weekend of reading, sunrises, and cigars.


One morning I thought it would be good to rouse everyone for an early morning portrait session. Lets just say I was wrong. Light was changing fast, wind was picking up, and no one had had a full cup of coffee yet. I am certainly happier being a portrait photographer behind the camera, than trying to be in the photos, and adjust lights at the same time.


Along the way I played with my ND filters and long exposures. Landscapes are something I have never focused on, but i love the way the light, sky, and water changes during long exposures.

a family fishes off the North Dock on Pelee Island. For more information on wedding, portriat, or editorial photography in Pittsburgh visit www.danspeicher.net

A family fishes off the North Dock on Pelee Island.

Roused the family far to early for a portrait, you can see how happy we are


That is a pretty bold statement for a wedding photographer to make! But this is totally the truth. I am getting married on June 23, 2012 to my best friend Kelly.

We are planning the wedding now, and I am finally understanding all the work that goes into preparation, coordinating families, and since we are having a small destination wedding, scheduling flights, boats, etc.


Here is Kelly. My best friend, my wife to be. We are getting married on June 23, this summer on my favorite vacation spot, Pelee Island. My moms family has been going to Pelee Island since the 50’s, but we are the first family wedding to take place there.

This is Kelly. Beautiful isnt she. I was testing out my camera after it came back from a repair job.