I grew up in the laurel highlands of Pennsylvania. Summers were spent riding horses, hiking, and generally enjoying the freedom that is the country.

Winters brought snow and skiing, and eventually gave way to spring. I’m in Ligonier today, working on networking with groups up here, and checking out a new AMAZING wedding venue known as Foxly Farms I can’t wait to shoot out here once it officially opens.

Here is a photo from the drive to my house. I love this moody B&W from the drive to my house.

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I hope that 2010 is off to a good start for you! I’m busy booking weddings, and skiing, but I wanted to take some time to create and share a slideshow using my print lab Pictage! I love these guys because they make life easy for you the client!

After your wedding, we upload your high-res photos to Pictage to back up your images off site. I’ll then create a slide show of my favorite images and send that out to you so you can share it with your friends. Your friends can then pick their favorite photos and order the prints they want with out ever asking you to order a photo for them!

So enjoy the slide show. Share it with your friends. I am still booking portrait shoots for winter activities. Portraits are for more than just your wedding day. Share memories with your dearest friends, or remember a special time with family photos. We can capture the life, love, and adventure that surrounds you.

If you haven’t booked your wedding yet lets talk. I include an engagement session in every “package”. If you already booked your wedding photographer, but still want to do an Engagement Shoot, give me a call. Engagement photographs are intended to capture the essence of who you are as individuals, and as a couple in love. Whether it’s a walk in the park, or basketball with your dog, we’ll spend 2-3 hours on-location, centered around activities you enjoy. I suggest a few wardrobe changes for more variety.

So without keeping you waiting any longer: Enjoy the slide show!


Here is a fun slideshow of all of my favorite images from their winter engagement session running around Manhattan. I cant wait to get them into Pittsburgh for their Wedding at the Old Stone Church, and Longe Vue Country Club.



I cant wait for winter to come! My goggles, ski pants, boots, and snowboard, are all ready for the white stuff to come. Im so excited to get out on the slopes and start shooting some winter lifestyle, be it families playing and having fun, or kids throwing cork 9’s off of a big table top, its a new beginning, a chance to shoot what I love; a chance to take a nap, and wake up fully refreshed, with new ideas, and start rocking a new year of weddings.

I’ll also be shooting a little bit of fashion, and glamor, just to mix it up a bit. It helps me to come up with new ideas for brides and grooms, and try and keep it fresh, and fun.

I love this photo from back in September. I was out shooting a wedding downtown, and as we were walking back to the limo, I saw this guy walking up the street and I turned and grabbed this photo. I took three images, and this was my favorite.

Dont be afraid to take time to shoot for you. I was talking to a group of photographers recently, and they, like me were burned out. Because they were burned out they were unhappy, and very stressed out. Sometimes its better to just take a day to yourself, go out and shoot something that you want. If you aren’t a photographer, go do something that you love, just for you. After a day of R & R, you will come back more refreshed than you ever could have imagined a single day could do.



Kirsten and Matt met while in school at Carnegie Mellon studying theater. They both live in NYC but for the past six weeks, they have been apart while still planning their wedding together. Kirsten stayed in New York, while Matt has been performing in Pittsburgh with the Pittsburgh CLO and with her mothers help locally, he was working hard on getting the wedding just right.

Kirsten and Matt lead the busy life of actors. Between rehearsals auditions it made it hard for us to connect. So when Kirsten and I finally had a chance to speak on the phone, it was awesome because her vision for her day aligned perfectly with my vision for my photography, but more on that to come later. For now, here are some of the awesome details from their wedding last Friday at Longue Vue Country Club.

Some details:

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Mr. Jimmy Choo and her beautiful dress


Her Grandmothers horseshoe hair piece.


The flowers were beautiful.bs_07

Grandmothers ring, along with her rings.

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Until later when I can get some awesome photos of the couple up, I hope these details can tide you over. Kirsten, Matt, thanks for such an enjoyable evening. I hope your honeymoon was more amazing than your wedding.

If you really must try and imagine the wedding though, think of the reception as one of Gatsby’s parties.