Wow winter just keeps on coming! We have gotten nearly 36 inches of snow in the past week, and it still continues to fall! It honestly hasn’t stopped snowing for more than a few hours at a time since the storm hit last week!

So between snowboarding in POWDER (yep that stuff we don’t see on the East Coast very often) and cooking, I somehow manage to have to fight cabin fever off with a camera! I guess that’s just the life of a photographer. Anyways, the one day we had blue skies for a few hours I ran out side and grabbed some photos of the farm I grew up on.

After a drive that typically takes me an hour took me more than twice that long, I ended up getting stuck on the road to my parents house and had to walk the last half mile through more than 18 inches of snow. The next day I got my car out of the snow and headed to Seven Springs for some great skiing. After I could barely stand from hours of riding powder, the sun came out and I had a chance to take some photos around my parents house as the sun was setting.

I even got some photos of Willie my Welsh Corgie enjoying the snow in the driveway because it was to deep for him where it wasn’t plowed.

Happy Snowy Saturday!


Since winter is just around the bend, I’m getting ready to launch my new winter lifestyle sessions, where we spend a day skiing, sledding, hiking, snow tubing, or anything else that you like to do in the winter, and capture you and your family having a fun day together.

The idea came to me when my parents put the farm that I grew up on near 7 Springs Ski Resort, and we really dont have photos of this time in our life. So this fall, when we have the whole family together, I am going to work on creating a book to commemorate that segment of our life, before the next step begins.

So that is what I am proposing to families coming into the area from Baltimore, MD., Washington, D.C., Virginia, or as close as Pittsburgh, etc, for a weekend of fun in the snow at ski resorts locally, (7 Springs, or Hidden Valley) or any place that is meaningful to your family, i.e. a camp, other resort, cabin, or local Western Pennsylvania Park, etc.

After the day of shooting is finished, I will be producing a custom coffee table book for you, to remind you of that time in your life, before it passes by.

Anyways, here are some photos that I have been playing with from downhill mountain biking yesterday at North Parks free ride hill Dr. J.

This first one is me taken by my buddy Ray, even though I am cut off, I love the photo. Typically I dont like any heavy processing, but with these photos it gives it more of a gritty look.


The rest of these were taken by me, using an off camera flash, camera left, with a Nikon D70, Pocket Wizard, and a slow small aperture lens.