Thanksgiving Pheasant Hunt 2010|Laurel Highlands Adventures| Pittsburgh Photographer|

For me, Thanksgiving is a time of seeing friends who have moved away, and spending time with family. In my experience, most people have some kind of a tradition that revolves around Thanksgiving. For us, it’s more of a cross family tradition that started a few years ago.

After a day of eating to much, and spending time with family, my dad and I like to get a group of friends together and shoot birds. For us, its a time of multi-generational bonding. My Dad and myself release the pheasants early in the morning, and a few hours later our friends the Gooders arrive with Mr. Gooder, his son, and two grandsons. Its a chance to enjoy the outdoors, watch a beautiful dog work the field, and enjoy a dram of scotch, or a glass of wine after.

I hope you enjoy a walk through the field with us.

Fighting Off Cabin Fever! Photographer style!

Wow winter just keeps on coming! We have gotten nearly 36 inches of snow in the past week, and it still continues to fall! It honestly hasn’t stopped snowing for more than a few hours at a time since the storm hit last week!

So between snowboarding in POWDER (yep that stuff we don’t see on the East Coast very often) and cooking, I somehow manage to have to fight cabin fever off with a camera! I guess that’s just the life of a photographer. Anyways, the one day we had blue skies for a few hours I ran out side and grabbed some photos of the farm I grew up on.

After a drive that typically takes me an hour took me more than twice that long, I ended up getting stuck on the road to my parents house and had to walk the last half mile through more than 18 inches of snow. The next day I got my car out of the snow and headed to Seven Springs for some great skiing. After I could barely stand from hours of riding powder, the sun came out and I had a chance to take some photos around my parents house as the sun was setting.

I even got some photos of Willie my Welsh Corgie enjoying the snow in the driveway because it was to deep for him where it wasn’t plowed.

Happy Snowy Saturday!

Emily and Matt NYC Enagement Session Slideshow by a Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Here is a fun slideshow of all of my favorite images from their winter engagement session running around Manhattan. I cant wait to get them into Pittsburgh for their Wedding at the Old Stone Church, and Longe Vue Country Club.